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  • Family Day Care Cairns Philosophy and Pedagogy

    Together we provide quality professional child care and education in collaborative partnership with families and community where children, families and educators feel safe, valued and respected in an inclusive learning community. Our standard of excellence and professional practice reflects the diverse cultural and shared beliefs of families, educators and the broader community. 

    We believe children learn best through emergent child focussed and interest based curriculum and encourage children to be resourceful, imaginative, creative and enthusiastic participants in their learning. We embrace children’s agency and encourage exploration and discovery through independent and collaborative play. Our inclusive practices model and engender an atmosphere of acceptance as we plan curriculums reflecting the individual needs of children aiming to build upon all children’s abilities, competencies, interests and diverse needs. 

    We value and practice holistic approaches, engaging in open and honest communication between families, educators and community, all essential to positive outcomes. We believe in developing greater understanding of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures and increasing awareness and appreciation of Australians diversity and cultural heritage. 

    We believe all children are unique and capable learners who are imaginative, creative and dynamic. We support children to reach their full potential through intentional and spontaneous interactions promoting resilience through teachings. Educators recognise and value the diversity of all children and families. Children are learning continuously through rich, play-based and recreational experiences. We acknowledge children’s ability to learn best through a play-based and intentional learning environment that is vibrant, flexible and responsive to children’s interests and skills creating self-worth. Through a balance of natural and constructed resources promoting and encouraging curiosity and risk taking through the environments, children are involved in and connected to their world. 

  • We acknowledge parents as the primary teachers and value their input, this is integral to providing quality care and education. Program decision making is collaborative with families, children, and government authorities, developing children’s sense of agency, individuality, community, inclusion and awareness. The process of observation, documentation, assessment of learning, intentional teaching and critical reflection is used to scaffold children’s play and learning whilst valuing children’s individual strengths. Children’s learning is visible. 

    Goals and Objectives

    We embrace the National Framework for children drawing on the Belonging, Being and Becoming and My Time Our Place. The framework guides our provision of our Exceeding National Quality Standard rated service and provides a basis for our continuous cycle of improvement. We are committed to sustainable practices and the principles of Reduce, Recycle and Re-use where appropriate.

    We continuously seek ways to build professional knowledge and develop supportive learning communities as a team and individually. Review date: March 2017.

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