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  • Family Day Care Cairns Philosophy and Pedagogy

    We are committed to providing every child in our service with a safe happy, healthy and comfortable inclusive play-based learning community where the diversity of all people and cultures are respected and acknowledged.

    Relationships are the foundation of our service.  We continuously seek ways to foster positive partnerships and work with communities and families.   

    Our Educators build resilient partnerships between, families and communities promoting resilience.  They are highly valued and experienced Early Childhood Professionals with their own professional philosophies, perspectives, talents and interests that further enrich curriculum. 

    All children are unique and valued citizens with rights and responsibilities this is reflected in the environments Educators provide.   Educators embrace children’s agency and provide a child focussed learning environment where children’s own imagination and creativity are the foundations of lifelong learning and collaborative play.        

    We aspire to evolve as a service as the needs of our Educators, families and community change ensuring that we stay at the forefront of innovative and best practice in early years. 



  • Goals and Objectives:

    We embrace the National Quality Framework for children drawing on the Belonging, Being and Becoming and My Time Our Place. The framework guides our service and foundation and provides a basis for  our continuous cycle of   improvement.   

    We are committed to sustainable practices and the principles of Reduce, Recycle and Re-use where appropriate.

    We continuously seek ways to build professional knowledge, cultural awareness and community participation, promoting supportave learning communities as a team and individually. 

    Reviewed May 2020.